Just as the world wide web changed communication forever;
The cryptocurrency revolution will change money forever.
Its 1994 all over again, but this time its about money. If you thought the dot com bubble was wild, get your seat belt ready!

In order to ride this wave like a pro, I am spending all my work time studying the distributed ledger platform and using that information to make good investments. Then, I share my knowledge with you at Youtube.com/DaveLevineDotCom

Am I Qualified? First of all, do your own research! Remember that I am only one informed data point. One of my first rules in determining the value of a company is to research the founders. To find the most about my past, search on Google for "sex toy dave". Or to save you some time, here is my story.

I saw the web in 1994 and immediately dove in. I tried several business ideas, but my best business in terms of profits, sales, and traffic was selling sex toys through the web. I bought the domain sextoy.com for $70 in 1995 and to make a long story short, the company had over $167 million in sales with me as CEO. In 2016 I resigned as CEO of CNV. I still own the company, but I now have a CEO doing a fabulous job. (CNV.com Inc.)

Since I was young I have been interested in the function and purpose of money and I have been invested in the stock market since a child. In 2014 i started my crypto portfolio by buying into bitcoin at $350. In the summer of 2017 I realized this revolution will be bigger than the web. So, I decided to focus full time on studying the cryptocurrency revolution, making good investments, and sharing my knowledge through my channel at: